Memorial Sketches

If you would like to order a sketch, please take a moment to read about the ordering process and the turnaround time. You may then complete the contact form below to place your order.

Memorial Sketches_DSC0179

In the last few years, I have had the honor of creating more than forty sketches for people all around the world. It has been an amazing experience, and I am so happy to be able to start doing it again. Sketches are created based on digital photographs that you will send to me. Click here to read more about your photographs. Because sometimes our photos don’t capture our little ones exactly as we remember them, a sketch will be more of a collaboration between you and me. Once I begin work on your order, I will send a rough sketch and ask you about any changes you may like to make to it. We will go back and forth like this until the result is something that you are satisfied represents your little one.

DSCN3301Sketches are available in 5″ x 7″ size and 8″ x 10″ size. They are available with one subject or two, with or without calligraphy text added to them. The prices for these options are listed below. Other variations are available if you would like something customized further. You may order your sketch using the contact form below. I will email you letting you know I received your order and add you to the waiting list by last name so that you can see where your order falls in my queue. When I get to your place in the queue, I will then send you a detailed invoice through PayPal for your order to be sure that I understand exactly what you would like.  Once I receive your payment and photographs, I will begin your sketch.

It takes me about ten hours to create a sketch, and as a homeschooling mother of five children, I have found that these hours can sometimes be tricky to find in the week. As such, I am giving an estimated turnaround time of one month for a sketch from the time that I receive your payment and photographs. This will allow enough time for back-and-forth communication for us and give me ample time to complete your sketch to your liking, package it carefully in a safe, protected way, and mail it to you.

All sketches are sent via USPS with tracking and a signature confirmation (US only) so that they are not left outdoors. You will be notified when your item ships.


5″ x 7″ memorial pencil sketch

  • One Subject – $50
  • Two Subject – $65

8″x 10″ memorial pencil sketch

  • One Subject – $90
  • Two Subjects – $110

Add calligraphy text – $5

Shipping via USPS within the US – $9

Shipping via USPS outside the US – $12