Busy days

This has been a busy time for our family, as our children return to school and we settle into a new routine.  I was also recently diagnosed with Lyme disease, which has been difficult, but at the same time, good.  Good to finally have an explanation for why I haven’t been feeling well, and a track to run on with a treatment plan.

I am still sketching, though, as I find it to be therapeutic. And I will also be making some design changes to my blog and facebook page in the coming days and weeks, thanks to a dear friend who is helping me with her design skills.  I’m hoping to spread the word a little more about what I do because I know there are people who would love to see their babies’ faces more often.

Someone recently asked me if I would consider donating a sketch as a raffle prize for a memorial walk she is attending in October, and I was happy that she thought of me for that.  If you have any babyloss-themed fundraisers coming up and would like to have a sketch as one of your prizes or auction items, please contact me with the details of your event and your mailing address.  I can mail you something tangible to give as your prize and the winner can contact me themselves to redeem it.

Remember, October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness time, and now is a great time to order a sketch to remember your little one.  It might be something for yourself or a gift for someone you know who has lost a baby.

And don’t forget that if you order by August 31, you can use the coupon code FREEMAT to get a free 11″x14″ mat with your sketch in your choice of pale petal pink or light blue.  There are just a few more days for that deal, and these mats really look so beautiful with the sketches.

Finally, I’m thinking today of all those mommies and daddies whose little ones would be starting school.  It’s hard not to think of what they would be doing if they were here.  I’m sure my twins would be running around the house and talking up a storm as little two year olds, and sometimes when I see their cousin, who was born just a few days after they were, it is hard not to wonder if they would be doing what he is.  Giggling and talking and thinking about using the potty.  Amazon Mom sent me emails about every new milestone they should be reaching that I just couldn’t seem to shut off.    I even contacted them and asked them to make it stop.  They’re not alive.  I removed their information from my account.  But the emails kept coming, so I just recently had to cancel my subscription altogether.  Sometimes those “would-be” reminders are just too painful.  So if your little winged one would be heading to school this year – for the first time, or the tenth time – please know that there are people who understand how your heart must ache wishing you could be putting them on that bus and hearing about their day.

You are not alone.  And I’m so sorry.

Gentle hugs to you from me.


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